About us

The Arkansas Repeater Council is a non-profit incorporation comprised of repeater operators in the state of Arkansas, created for the purpose of coordinating amateur radio repeater frequencies used in the state.

Coordination team

Repeater coordination and the day-to-day operations of the Council is done by a team of volunteers. The coordination team consists of:

  • Drawing of TemTem Moore, N5KWL
    Chief Cat Herder In Charge
  • Drawing of LukeLuke Williams, AE5AU
    Executive Information Sensei
  • Drawing of JoshuaJoshua Carroll, N5JLC
    Galactic Viceroy of Programming
  • Faceless outline of a personJohn Nordlund, AD5FU
    Terrestrial Electromagnetic Wave Guide


The officers drive the organization by leading the committee through various business decisions and meetings.

  • President: Don McDaniel, WA5OOY
  • Vice President: Dennis Bedene, N5XMZ
  • Secretary/Treasurer: JM Rowe, N5XFW