Arkansas Repeater Council

The Arkansas Repeater Council coordinates amateur radio repeater frequencies in the state of Arkansas. We utilize available data from our own database, as well as information from surrounding states. We use our own standards and guidelines as well as those of the Mid-America Coordination Council.


active coordinated repeaters


coordinations automatically processed on this site

13 days

average time to coordinate a repeater

Recent updates

  • NN5NN (145.11)
      Email was returned undeliverable.
  • AD5TQ (147.18)
      No trustee on record. Repeater callsign owner (AD5TQ) is now licensed in Maryland. No other information on file. De-coordinated.
    • Status was changed from `3` to `6`
    • Analog_InputAccess was changed from `None` to ``
  • K5HOG (444.175)
      Spoke with trustee. Nothing has changed in repeater status.
    • Analog_InputAccess was changed from `None` to ``
  • WX5J (145.39)
      Called home number: disconnected.
  • K3UNX (146.97)
      Sent email to Fort Smith Area ARC to see if they have any ideas.