About us

The Arkansas Repeater Council is a non-profit corporation comprised of repeater operators in the state of Arkansas, created for the purpose of coordinating amateur radio repeater frequencies used in The Natural State. The ARC has been a non-profit corporation registered with the Arkansas Secreatary of State since 1993.

Coordination team

Repeater coordination and the day-to-day operations of the Council is done by a team of volunteers. The coordination team consists of:

  • Drawing of TemTem Moore, N5KWL (QRZ)
    Chief Cat Herder In Charge
  • Drawing of LukeLuke Williams, AE5AU (QRZ)
    Executive Information Sensei
  • Drawing of JoshuaJoshua Carroll, N5JLC (QRZ)
    Galactic Viceroy of Programming
  • Faceless outline of a personJohn Nordlund, AD5FU (QRZ)
    Terrestrial Electromagnetic Wave Guide


The officers drive the organization by leading the committee through various business decisions and meetings.

  • President: Don McDaniel, WA5OOY
  • Vice President: Dennis Bedene, N5XMZ
  • Secretary/Treasurer: JM Rowe, N5XFW


  • Wayne Mahnker - WA5LUY (2022)
  • Michael Clay - AC5XV (2022)
  • Joe Giddons - N5IOZ (2020)
  • Tem Moore - N5KWL (2020)
  • Joel Echols - N5QLC (2021)
  • Johnathan Williams - K5DVT (2021)