Arkansas Repeater Council

The Arkansas Repeater Council coordinates amateur radio repeater frequencies in the state of Arkansas. We utilize available data from our own database, as well as information from surrounding states. We use our own standards and guidelines as well as those of the Mid-America Coordination Council.

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These repeaters have expired their coordination. If you know anything that may lead to the arrest and conviction updating of this record, please contact us or the repeater owner.

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Recent updates

  • K5DVT (29.64)
      Oklahoma coordinator approved on Jul 30 2020 7:20PM. Note: No active 10 meter repeaters in Oklahoma
  • WA3UTY (442.05)
      *Repeater reported to be off-the-air*
  • K5SWT (442.425)
      This repeater is temporarily off the air due to changing out equipment, and getting Internet access at the site. Old equipment was removed due to failure.COVID-19 has unfortunately caused a delay in this process.
    • Status was changed from `Suspected off-the-air` to `Temporarily off-the-air`
  • AI5Z (53.75)
      After many attempts to help get this record updated, this is far past the time frame allowed for construction. De-coordinated.
    • Status was changed from `Under construction` to `De-coordinated`
  • KG5JPK (443.425)
    • Linked was changed from `True` to `False`